Oak Hills Tavern- a Medical Center Must

Oak Hills Tavern- a Medical Center Must

Name: Oak Hills Tavern

Background: Located on Fredricksburg just south of Medical Drive, many say that it is one of the best bars in the medical area. They’s been there for years, and have become an established and favorite in the area. They have events planned through out the week, like Karaoke every Sundays and Tuesdays, movie nights on Thursdays, and often a band throwing over the bar on Fridays.

Happy Hour: They run a happy hour daily between 3 and 7 where they feature $3.50 pints and 10% off food. In addition to happy hour, they have nightly drink specials and will serve food until 11p.m.

Patrons: There is a fair amount of younger college aged (or recent graduates) that come to Oak Hills. Likely those that are younger and moved to the medical area for the cheaper housing and apartments after graduating college, or those who are on close to earning their degrees and have moved away from the campus life.

Experience: Going up to the bar on a Thursday night, you’ll be hard pressed to find good parking. The lot next to it, which belongs to the Blanco Cafe, refuses to let the bar patrons park in their lot and the bar it’s self even advertises ample signs that warn “If you park at Blanco, they WILL tow you. There is parking in back.” Venture around to the back- and you’ll find parking is a rare commodity, most spots are filled and those that look like spots, seem to belong to other businesses. Once entering the bar- if you’re lucky enough to grab a spot- you’ll forget the frustration you once experienced. The staff is friendly, the food is delicious, and with nightly specials, the drinks are more than affordable. If you are a fan of sweet, then the mixed drinks that bartenders shake up would be just to you’re liking- if you’re not, you can always go with a shot of what ever spirit is on special that night, or one of their many draft beers. The food easily pleases everyone too, they sport pizzas, tacos, burgers and “Poutine” fries (which are really cheese fries) topped with your choice of meat, beer cheese AND shredded cheese, and pico. Though parking is bad, no matter what you order tacos, beers, shots, your night ends on a high note.

7930 Fredricksburg Road, (210) 614-8855

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