Paramour Shakes Things Up with a New Menu

Paramour Shakes Things Up with a New Menu

File_001 (3).jpegParamour has been a hot spot in the San Antonio area since its opening back in 2014. For the past two years it has been featured in several drink and travel websites such as Delish, Thrillist, and in the San Antonio Magazine. Locals and out-of-towners can both agree that Paramour is one of the swankiest cocktail clubs out there. While it has a good thing going for it, Paramour is always readily accepting change, this season in the form of a new Spring Cocktail Menu.

While new drinks are coming in, the menu will still feature some iconic favorites such as the Fun Bag, a cocktail that is served in a bag with a zip tie, and the Lot Lizard, which has been on the menu since the roof top bar’s conception. Four new craft cocktail creations will be joining Paramour’s impressive cocktail menu, all offering a unique flavor to the menu.

Missionary Reach

The first drink you need to try, is the Missionary Reach, a drink that playfully gives homage to the City of San Antonio. The cocktail has a vodka base and features  mango balsm, cucumber, honey, and a garnish of cucumber and grapefruit zest. The drink is light and refreshing, a cocktail that is perfect for sipping on the rooftop patio and enjoying the spring breeze.

The next to grace the new menu is the Just a Friend, which according to the staff is a play on a trash can punch. The drink starts with rum and then is kicked up a notch with a  dose of  over-proofed rum, then mixed with a myriad of lime, peach, grapefruit, and pineapple juices. The drink is fruity, and yet potent. It’s the perfect way to start off your Friday night, downing one of these boozy concoctions, then switching to more of a sipping drink to keep your buzz going strong.

A Brand New Dance

One of the more interesting cocktails that the spring menu will feature is the A Brand New Dance. The drink is a mix of German herbal liqueur, peach, lime, and then topped off with a sparkling rosé wine.The drink isn’t what you would expect, and the flavor combination isn’t something you would find on every menu. The strong flavor from the herbal liqueur and the refreshing taste of a bubbly rosé is impressive and leaves you craving more. Based off the ingredients, it’s not a drink that I would have picked off the menu for myself. With that being said, I am elated that I tried it, for it’s one of my favorite drinks to get off the menu at Paramour. The drink is satisfying and refreshing at the same time, it’s likely to be a hit with those that are wanting to be adventurous and try something new.

One of Mahler

The last menu item, and my absolute favorite, is One of Mahler, Paramour’s new twist on a manhattan style cocktail. The drink features blended scotch, Dolin Blanc, Cocchi Rosa, and two different bitters. The drink is boozy, strong, and beautiful. It’s refreshing and the scotch really opens up when stirred with the fortified spirits. The One of Mahler is the menu addition that is meant for sipping on while enjoying the view of the Alamo City at night.

In addition to the new cocktails, Paramour’s chef, will be adding some new bites to the food menu as well. The bites consist of a variety of house-made toasts which will come with a topping of either ricotta, chicken pate, or deviled egg. All of which are delicious and are perfect for absorbing the alcohol while tasting your way through the new menu.

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