Sushi Seven Serves Sushi and Sake!

Sushi Seven Serves Sushi and Sake!

It’s not often that you find unique restaurants venturing outside oft he 1604 loop. The Stone Oak area seems ridden with various chains and eateries that populate towns all over the US. While those places are good, and consistent, it’s nice to have a break from the same old neon signs that you see all around town.File_002 (3)

Sushi Seven brings a unique menu that specializes and focuses on Sushi and sushi inspired dishes. They serve your typical sushi joint standards, like California Rolls, Spicy Tuna Rolls, etc. as well as some typical tempura appetizers. In addition to the classics they find inspiration from local culture and cuisine as well. Instead of serving just fried vegetables, they serve a fried cream cheese stuffed jalapeno, a classic dish in the south. One of the more interesting and memorable menu items however is the Rib-eye Roll. A prime rib that is sauteed with onions and then wrapped in a thin tortilla. It’s cut like sushi and plated with a chipotle mayo. It’s the perfect combination of southern flavor and sushi plating.

In addition to inspirational menu creations, the restaurant gets creative with the names of their rolls as well. Fun names like the Marilyn Monroll and the James Tower Roll, they keep the menu delicious and entertaining for those reading it. The Marilyn Monroll is a great sushi option for those that enjoy the sweeter side of sushi. It features a kiwi sauce that is drizzled on top for a hint of sweetness and acidity. The James Tower Roll is a spicy tuna roll that is served with a variety of different color salmon roes atop of it. It’s beautiful and delicious.

File_003 (3)
James Tower Roll

The sushi styling doesn’t stop just with the appetizers and main courses, one of the popular desserts is the cheesecake roll. A cheesecake that is cut into small, thin pieces and layered on thin rice paper and topped with fruit. Sushi Seven also serves a variety of cocktails! Their cocktails are all Sake based and some of the more popular ones feature Lychee, Blackberry and Cucumber. The Blackberry smash was my favorite of the evening. It was tart, with a little hint of sweetness, while the other too seemed to be focusing a bit more on the sweeter side. No matter what like, spicy or sweet, light or savory, there seems to be a little bit of everything for everyone at Sushi Seven.

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