Carajillos: The Newest Drink Trend

Carajillos: The Newest Drink Trend


For the past year Licor 43 has has been starting to emerge in the San Antonio bar scene. What, at first, started as a simple “Carajillo-gift pack,” (featuring PULP coffee, branded Licor 43 glasses, and recipe cards) at the San Antonio Cocktail Conference has worked its way to bar menus all across the city.File_000

the Leche Del Rey

What exactly is a Carajillo? Well originally it was a cocktail, typically an after dinner drink, that contains espresso and rum. Now it is being widely acknowledged as a cocktail that is made using espresso and a sweet Spanish liquor called Licor 43. The drink is typically built in a rocks glass, and involves lighting the spirit on fire in a special curved glass, you twist the glass, spreading the flame and releasing the sweet caramel flavors that are present. The spirit, still on fire, is poured over ice, which douses the fire. Top the drink with coffee or espresso and you have a Carajillo!

There are many bars all over San Antonio that have added the drink, or a variation of it, to their menus. Toro Kitchen and Bar is one of the top sellers of the drink, and they have included the popular Licor 43 spirit in many of their menu creations as well. The Leche Del Rey is a mix of Licor 43 and milk that is sprinkled with cinnamon, resembling rice pudding in its flavor, it has become increasingly popular at the restaurant.

Bars have started adding rum to the coffee base, reversing the order of preparation and allowing the drink to have an extra kick to it. Additionally, you can add irish cream to the recipe in order to create a creamy drink with a  slightly higher alcohol content. Edison Experiment has created a butter pecan twist on the drink, adding pecan praline cream liqueur for an extra sweetness, and potency.

File_001 (1)

If you haven’t had one of these delicious coffee cocktails, or if the inner pyromaniac in you is thirsty to see something get lit on fire in front of you, you can visit these bars in the San Antonio, each serves you traditional Carajillo, and some have a twist of their own.

Toro Kitchen and Bar

115 N Loop 1604 E #1105, San Antonio, TX 78232

Edison Experiment

1846 North Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78248

The Green Lantern

20626 Stone Oak Pkwy #101, San Antonio, TX 78258

La Roca Cantina

416 8th St, San Antonio, TX 78215

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