Paramour Strikes Again with a New Summer Menu

Paramour Strikes Again with a New Summer Menu

Caraway My Blue at Paramour

Everyday at a rooftop bar in downtown San Antonio, bartenders and cocktail crafters from Paramour put their minds together to build great new cocktails perfect for summer patio sipping. The summer menu, which will feature at least four new cocktails as well as some old favorites, is going to roll out towards the beginning of July. The newly crafted cocktails are real thirst quenchers for these hot summer months that we are accustomed to.

The first drink that Paramour is rolling out was made by David Naylor. This cocktail, El Tamarindo, won Naylor first place at the Rivertini event earlier this year. He got inspiration from the cocktail from the old raspas and paletas which remind him of his childhood and spending summers out of school. This cocktail does an amazing job of matching the flavor profile of the popular frozen treat. Using aged rum, tamarind liqueur, lime, and then topped with a bit of Dos Equis, the cocktail represents the city of San Antonio in a cocktail.

El Tamarindo

The next cocktail to be featured was the Caraway My Blues, made with aquavit, blueberry fennel, lemon, honey and sparkling wine. It’s exciting to finally see aquavit on a cocktail menu; the Scandinavian product is unfamiliar to most, but it in fact dates back to the 1500’s and is a spirit similar to gin that typically contains caraway. The flavors present in the aquavit already open the field for a refreshing summer cocktail to be made, when the other components are added, it transforms in to a light and refreshing drink that is perfect to sip on while overlooking the city.

Punch Drunk Love

One of my favorite drinks from the summer menu is the Punch Drunk Love. Tiki finds a new home on the menu of Paramour in this tasty blend of white rum, Drambuie, pineapple, passion fruit, and lime. The drink is served tall in a collins glass, with crushed ice. It makes me wonder, just how long will it be before you see this drink being served in island themed glasses all around the bar. This drink is a crowd pleaser and you’ll be amazed by the amount this drink will be ordered.

Lastly, one of the drinks featured on the new menu is the Divorce, Italian Style. The drink contains blended scotch, Campari, Domaine De Canton Ginger Liqueur, lime and honey. Thought the cocktail is based with spirits that are bold in flavor, it finds great balance when the liqueur and honey are added. A very well balanced and refreshing drink, the booze sneaks up on you, so don’t throw back too many at once.

Divorce Italian Style

One of the last summer cocktail that isn’t confirmed but is rumored to be making the menu was the star of the Rum Runoff event hosted at Edison Experiment earlier this summer.  The cocktail which is still awaiting a name is an elevated take on a Cuba Libre. Paramour created their own house made cola syrup, mixed it with rum, lime juice and Fernet and then topped the concoction off with a coconut crème. The end result is a delicious cocktail that crosses and blends many different cocktails into one. Do we consider it a Cuba Libre? Or is a Fernet Daiquiri? It could even be a Pina Colada! Whatever it is, it’s sure to be a summer hit.

Visit Paramour for more details on their upcoming menu, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram when their new menu rolls out!

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