The Top Three of 2017

The Top Three of 2017

It’s that time of the year again, whether it be the Golden Globes, The Tony’s, Grammy’s, or whichever award show you go crazy over! The time has come to review what we experienced in 2017, and with that, I wanted to talk about my top three drinks in the San Antonio cocktail scene!

While these winners won’t get any special trophies that they can showcase on the back bars of their establishments, they do get a bit of bragging rights- and that’s a least worth a little something, right?

Jazz, TX

The Checkmate in Waterloo, a Cocktail created by Derik Cortez at Jazz, TX is a combination of house lavender-infused gin, capertif, dry vermouth and orange bitters garnished with a grapefruit knot. Featured on the summer menu at Jazz, TX this drink was the perfect combination of summer flavors for those that are into boozy drinks. More often than not, summer and spring menus are littered with refreshing cocktails that, while tasty, leave boozehounds longing for more. The Checkmate creates a summer sipper that utilizes local Texas flavors like the lavender and grapefruit.

Best Cocktails in 2017
What is Dead May Never Die

The Last Word

The What is Dead May Never Die was created by Stephanie Di Muria at the Last Word and it is a combination of Compass Box blended scotch, sweet vermouth, house-made habanero tincture and salt. The drink is fairly new to the 2017 cocktail list, but it’s a star for sure. The cocktail derives its name from Game of Thrones, and is an amazing combination of peat, sweet and heat, that creates an amazingly well balanced and tasty cocktail. The salted rim and salt covered luxardo cherry really complete the drink though, leaving you sipping on a cocktail that tantalizes all of your taste buds.

Best Cocktails in 2017 Periphery
The Smoke on the Water


A limited time only cocktail that was a favorite was the Smoke and Water that was created by Michael Miller at the Periphery. Watermelon drinks have been popular this year, with many variations popping up all over the city, the Smoke and Water was a great combination that used mezcal, Campari, and a house-made watermelon shrub. The drink was almost a variation on the classic Negroni cocktail though in this variation, the bitter flavor of the Campari is enhanced by the smoke from the mezcal, which is then rounded out and balanced by sweetness from the favorite summer fruit. Due to its creative simplicity, and the use of favorite San Antonio ingredients, it’s a top cocktail of 2017 for sure.

For a full list of six other favorite drinks from the year- visit the San Antonio Current’s post on the top cocktails of 2017.

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