Edison Experiments with a Rum Run-Off

Edison Experiments with a Rum Run-Off

On the far north side of San Antonio, Edison Experiment, a swanky cocktail bar with a speakeasy atmosphere and friendly tenders behind the bar, is starting to make a riffle in the cocktail competition scene. Including the Rum Runoff, which occurred last Wednesday, June 14th, the bar has now hosted three throw downs. The first being an “Old Fashioned Showdown” (featuring whiskey) followed by Mezcal Madness, featuring everybody’s new favorite agave spirit. Each competition includes a spirit base as their theme, and has 8 participating bartenders from around the city, each creating their own signature drinks to showcase at the event. I loved being able to see all the bartenders, taste their delicious creations, and help in deciding who took home the grand prize.

There were many great contestants and creative drinks in the most recent throw down. While both the talent and the cocktails were amazing, at each throw down there can only be two winners. One is selected by the judges, and the other is People’s Choice, selected by the attendees who use tickets that are given to them upon arrival. Paramour Bar and Saber, an independent bartender from Wild Fish, were the two winners of the cane-based showdown. Paramour created a Cuba Libre/Pina Colada hybrid with a hint of Fernet, which wowed the crowds, winning them first place People’s Choice and second from the judges. Switching positions, Saber won first place from the judges and second place from the crowd with a delicious drink featuring spiced rum and a hibiscus syrup. While these were the two winners of the evening, there was no lack of creativity in any of the drinks. Each bar created a drink that was a well-balanced and delicious showcase of the versatility of rum. It only makes me wonder what the bartenders can come up with in the next show down, after all- although Edison just finished their third competition, there are already rumors for another in the near future!

Saber’s Creation
Carrot was a popular ingredient for the runoff, like this one from Acenar
Paramour Creations





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